Bulbuls, Scouts, Guides & NCC (Air Wing)


Bulbuls, Scouts & Guides

Scouting began when Robert S. Baden-Powell published Scouting for Boys (1908), in which he described the games and contests he used, to train cavalry troops in scouting. Aimed at developing character, citizenship, and individual skills, our students participate in a range of activities: trekking, reconnaissance, mapping and other outdoor skills under peer leaders.

The Pledge:

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,
To help other people at all times,
And to obey the Scout/Guide Law.

NCC (Air Wing)

National Cadet Corps came into existence on 15 July, 1948, after India National Cadet Corps Act 1948. It is a Student Uniformed Group with a strength of over 1300000. There are 17 Directorates located in the state capitals, with total 788 units; out of those 667 are Army, 60 Naval and 61 Air Units. Schools are assigned with Junior Division NCC training. Cadets from Classes VIII and IX are eligible for enrolment. In order to pass school level certificate ‘A’, they must attend (i) a minimum 75% of total training periods laid down in the syllabus for the first and second year of Junior Division (Air Wing), (ii) one Annual Training Camp.

Aim: Unity & Discipline

NCC Song

Ham Sab Bharatiya Hain
Ham Sab Bharatiya Hain
Apni Manzil Ek Hai,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ek Hai,
Ho, Ho, Ho, Ek Hai.
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hai.
Kashmir Ki Dharti Rani Hai,
Sartaj Himalaya Hai,
Saadiyon Se Humne Isko Apne Khoon Se Pala Hai
Desh Ki Raksha Ki Khatir Hum Shamshir Utha Lenge,
Hum Shamshir Utha Lenge.
Bikhre Bikhre Taare Hain Hum Lekin Jhilmil Ek Hai,
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ek Hai
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hai.
Mandir Gurudwaare Bhi Hain Yahan
Aur Masjid Bhi Hai Yahan
Girija Ka Hai Ghariyaal Kahin
Mullah ki Kahin Hai Ajaanv Ek Hee Apna Ram Hai,
Ek hi Allah Taala Hai,
Ek Hee Allah Taala Hai,
Rang Birange Deepak Hain Hum,
Lekin Jagmag Ek Hai,
Ha Ha Ha Ek Hai,
Ho Ho Ho Ek Hai.
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain,
Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain.

(Written by Haricharan Singh Parvana)