Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our School

Our Vision

Enabling Every Student to Succeed.

Our School

Our Mission

St. Stephen's School is committed to Making Quality Education Accessible and building the character of its students by inculcating in them the values of Self Discipline, Integrity, Mutual Respect, Pursuit of Excellence, Learning for Life and Environmental Management (SIMPLE). The School constantly endeavours to provide a sound educational infrastructure, which ensures systematic, high quality regular inputs from trained and innovative teachers, in partnership with the parents and the community. In keeping with the spirit of NEP 2020, the school has incorporated Joyful Learning, Art Integrated Learning, Competency based Learning, Introduction of Vocational Subjects and Continuous Assessments.

St. Stephen's is a model employer and institution, complying with regulatory and statutory norms, committed to continually improving the effectiveness of its systems in the school.

Our School

Our Core Values

Six core values are an integral part of the School ethos:

Self Discipline
Mutual Respect
Pursuit of Excellence
Learning for Life
Environmental Management