Learning Objectives


Learning Objectives

At St. Stephen's we facilitate experiential learning through a wide range of activities with lesson plans designed around Multiple Intelligences. We have put systems and activities in place to evaluate each student on a number of facets: academic, co-curricular and social. Teachers encourage our students by enabling them to explore concepts through hands-on project work. Our curriculum design also incorporates 21st century skills, strategies and techniques. The School is committed to at least one educational innovation each year. Learning in the Pre-primary and Primary Classes is largely based on activities and hands-on learning while learning in Classes VI to XII is supported by authentic learning tasks and technology-enabled classrooms. We encourage our students to explore new challenges and new frontiers of learning. Academic excellence remains a fundamental aim at the School and our excellent record of Board Examination results stands testimony to this.

Dr. Howard Gardner, an educator and one of the most influential intellectuals in the world, has outlined the Five Minds for the Future - minds that he says, we will each need to develop, to meet the demands of the fast paced, complex future: the Disciplined Mind, the Synthesizing Mind, the Creating Mind, the Respectful Mind and the Ethical Mind. Committed as we are to the cause and process of learning, it will be our primary responsibility to develop these five minds.

Parent Teacher Meetings

A partnership of parents and teachers nurtures the child. Regular Parent-Teacher Meetings are held to develop the communication that will allow parents and teachers to make plans, set goals, face and overcome challenges, and establish the relationship they need in order to enable each child realize his potential.

Teacher Development

Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn, said John Cotton Dana. Our teachers are constant learners themselves. The School provides many opportunities for staff training and development. Apart from regular in-house training sessions, the teachers attend a number of workshops each year, across a wide range of subjects. The teachers attend numerous Capacity Building Programmes and Online Training Sessions conducted by CBSE via Diksha and Nishtha Portal.