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Principal's Message

Prayag Singh RajpurohitI am truly honoured and privileged to serve as the Principal of St. Stephen’s Senior Secondary School, Ajmer, founded by Late Shri Gilroy Martins, and Late Dr. (Mrs.) Deepa Martins.

The vision and mission of St. Stephen’s advocates a child centric, encouraging learning environment that inculcates scientific temper and a spirit of free enquiry.

We strongly believe that well-being is a crucial prerequisite for achievement. Physical activity is associated with improved learning and the ability to concentrate. We develop strong, supportive relationships to provide students with the emotional resources to step out of their intellectual ‘comfort zone’ and explore new ideas and ways of thinking that are fundamental to educational achievement.

The range of opportunities we provide, based on the understanding and interest of the students, allows them to select the activities that engage their diversified set of skills and interests and maximise their potential while providing room for working on less chiselled skills. The curriculum and pedagogical plans are designed to cater to the learning needs of each individual and provide them a holistic learning opportunity.

The teachers are well-equipped with the positive application of latest technology. They constantly improve their teaching methodology through a constructivist approach so that it shapes learning into a combination of classroom study, research and scientific discovery in alignment with the National Education Policy 2020.

While academic excellence is our key priority, the School is also devoted to preparing the students for life, grooming them to face the challenges of tomorrow, and encouraging them to develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to be successful citizens with global competence. Age-appropriate career counselling is provided to them to help them carve the path towards their goals with clarity.

The experiences that we provide, give our students an all-round education built on the foundation of our core values: Self Discipline, Integrity, Mutual Respect, the Pursuit of Excellence, Learning for Life and Environmental Management, in keeping with the larger global development conversation and Sustainable Developmental Goals.

We are committed to transforming our students into educated and ethical global citizens; nurturing them to be principled leaders and lifelong learners, and powerful, independent individuals with a world view.

Prayag Singh Rajpurohit
St. Stephen's School, Ajmer